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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Post

Hello everyone!
This is my first post! Who-hoo!
 I intend to blog just about every day. I will include different aspects of the real estate business, local news and my personal experience all rolled into one! I am pretty new to daily blogging. This should be interesting.

First off, let me talk about myself a little.

 I had a birthday yesterday. So I slacked off (as is my birthday right) just a little. Now I am back to work and enjoying it. I have needed to spruce up my website and work on my blogging skills. This is the focus of my day. I am in central Alabama, and we are under tornado warnings all day. I really enjoy stormy weather (though not the damage that can come from it). Since I had two of my favorite things (pizza and cake) yesterday for my birthday, I am also having them again this morning for breakfast... Yumm... If there is a tornado I might as well enjoy myself, right?

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